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Enhanced Entanet quoting tool

Wholesale connectivity provider Entanet has released an enhanced version of its Ethernet Quoting Tool (EQT), with additional bandwidth options from a select group of trusted carriers.

Paul North
Paul North

In addition to existing options of up to 100Mbps, resellers can now get immediate quotes for 200Mbps, 300Mbps, 400Mbps and 500Mbps leased lines on 1Gbps bearers. For added convenience, they can add multiple options to each quotation, rather than having to generate separate quotes for each.

Accessed from within the synergi portal, the Entanet EQT presents resellers with a single page, from which they can choose the bandwidth, bearer size and contract term required (between one and three years). A backup service and PSTN line can be added if required.

Entanet Sales Manager Paul North explains that the new bandwidth options have been added to meet growing demand.

He said: “We’ve seen an increased number of requests for 200Mbps, 300Mbps or more on 1Gbps bearers in recent months. We could provide these before, of course, but they weren’t on the quoting tool, which we have always wanted to keep as simple as possible. The desire for higher bandwidth is being driven by increased use of the cloud and digital transformation, both of which are raising awareness of just how important connectivity is for organisations that depend entirely on their digital systems.”

To keep things simple, Entanet works with a select number of carriers that it knows to be fast and dependable from both a provisioning and a service delivery perspective.

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