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Enreach: Delivering and investing in next generation customer service across Unified Communications

Hybrid working is now considered to be the norm across SME businesses. Leading unified communications as a service (UCaaS) industry specialist, Enreach, has ensured that the business is already ahead of the curve, delivering unparalleled ‘next generation’ experience for its customers.

Customer experience is something that many providers in the UCaaS industry still get wrong. The significant differentiators for Enreach are knowledge, infrastructure, bespoke services and pre-planned hybrid working models.

A recently published article by highlighted the shift that has occurred towards hybrid working, partially as a result of COVID-19, but in truth it was something that was already happening anyway and that has only been accelerated. Enreach had long forecast this change, even prior to COVID-19, and as a result already offer industry leading solutions.

With hybrid working now so common, what might seem a complex communications issue, is a problem simply solved by Enreach. Every ‘next generation’ package from Enreach is tailored to that specific business and can cover all bases, meaning that the service provides a complete solution, not a temporary fix. Enreach deliver a complete cloud telephony range, knowledgeable technical support, have dedicated field engineers across the country, provide ‘one-of-a-kind products’ and offer completely bespoke services with no dips in service delivery or quality. As a result, SME businesses operating standard, hybrid or remote models never have to worry about letting customers down.

For SMEs to build powerful and lasting relationships with their customers, they need be able to connect and communicate with them, wherever and whenever. It is important businesses have time to focus on doing what they do best – without distractions. IT specialists and customer teams shouldn’t need to worry about making communications technology work. They should just be able to trust in a hybrid system and support network that delivers.

Enreach CEO, Duncan Ward, said of the company’s approach to customer service: “If you want to improve the way you connect with your customers, Enreach can help. There may have been a revolution in the way we work, but Enreach has the power to solve any issues and to set you up for the ‘next generation’ of communications.

“Enreach is proud to be leading the field when it comes to new technology for communication, and our exceptional quality customer experience is what sets us apart. We believe that the next generation of customer experience is here, and Enreach will be at the forefront of this revolution in every sense.

“So whether your team works their magic from the office, from home, or on the move around the globe, Enreach is transforming customer experience in telecommunications with the best in customer support, technical expertise, and specialist products.”

‘Next generation’ customer service allows businesses the complete freedom to do what they want, where they want, with access to all the right tools and support as and when they need it. Offering dedicated and experienced 24/7 customer support and understanding key logistical requirements puts Enreach right at the heart of any business they work with.

As a part of this ‘next generation’ in customer service, Enreach have employed a brand-new Head of Customer Experience. Keeley Jones joins Enreach with two decades of experience in telecoms and customer communications, and will work across all of Enreach’s departments to deliver high quality customer service that promotes resolution, care and attention to detail. Her appointment represents a dedicated investment in the Enreach customer experience, which touches every aspect of the business model.

With enhanced customer experience and dedicated solutions, any pain previously encountered when dealing with other separate IT, phone, mobile or cloud software providers is taken away. All that work done behind the scenes by Enreach ensures SMEs can trust that their IT or communications services will just work. The result is businesses and people who have more time to create, collaborate and focus on their customers.

Enreach Head of Customer Experience, Keeley Jones added, “Helping our customers to work wonders is at our core. It is at the forefront of everything we do, we are constantly adapting to meet the needs of the market, learning all the time and building robust models for the ‘next generation’.

“We provide product training, dedicated account management, UK based customer service, we have own engineers, a responsive AI chat feature and much more. If Enreach isn’t a provider you’ve come across before, now is the time to act.”

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