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Entanet launches ISDN replacement service

Wholesale voice and data communications provider Entanet has introduced an ISDN replacement service ahead of the 2025 ISDN withdrawal deadline.

The new product combines Entanet’s Hosted Voice and SIP service with 500Mbps GPON connectivity to create a scalable, fully hosted telephony system.

Where a customer seeks to retain an on-premise PBX, the service provides 30 free SIP channels. Alternatively, for customers requiring complete disaster recovery through a fully hosted solution, it includes 20 free hosted voice seats.

Paul Heritage-Redpath, Entanet’s Head of Products, said: “The ISDN withdrawal represents a huge opportunity for channel partners to educate their customers on the benefits of SIP and hosted voice and get ahead of the competition. By providing the service over GPON, customers will have huge capacity for data, as well as voice calls, and the ability to implement a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy.”

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