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Evolution Capital Market Intelligence Team Highlights Revenue Opportunities for MSPs

Evolution Capital’s market intelligence team have been analysing Managed Services in the ICT space and have found some interesting stats in telecoms which might surprise MSPs looking to increase revenue.

With the planned decommissioning of the traditional PSTN network moving along apace, UK businesses only have until 2025 to make the switch to digital, and with a bigger number than you might think still opting for conventional voice calls, a strategic horizontal diversification now could bring major benefits to companies.

EC’s Head of Intelligence, Fraser Dixon said: “Many ICT business owners look at telecoms in general as a legacy system but, looking at the data, you can see a very different story. Year on year, business call volumes through the network saw a modest rise with calls to mobiles in particular increasing by an impressive 30% – that’s over 7 billion minutes. And, with 35% of UK businesses still using PSTN systems, the move to SIP or VoIP quickly becomes more interesting. Analysts predict that over the coming four years, VoIP services will increase by £3.5bn in the UK.

“Bringing together Managed IT Provision with Telecoms would lead to a unified comms business provided you have the technical staff in each area for success. The majority of businesses we are supporting through mergers and acquisitions currently recognise the value of technical teams as part of the dealmaking process.”

Evolution Capital’s senior transaction advisors focus on building the right partnerships. Their thorough and highly targeted approach ensures the optimal transactional outcome with a swift return on investment as part of a carefully developed strategic plan. For more information, contact Lee Fellick on 0203 696 2810 or email

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