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Exertis launches mobile trade-in programme

Leveraging the skills, expertise and resource of its MTR subsidiary, Exertis has launched a corporate trade-in programme that makes it easy for resellers to maximise the residual value of customers’ smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Rik Hubbard, Exertis, Commercial and Services Director for Mobile, said: “Today’s smartphones, tablets and laptops hold their value and that residual value can be put to good use by either reducing the cost of a new device, upselling to a higher spec device or cross selling to other categories, such as peripherals or accessories.”

He added: “Whilst that device might not be suitable for one company, it may still be able to be deployed elsewhere with some refurbishment, preventing harmful materials entering landfill and contributing to the circular economy.”

Once a trade-in price has been agreed, following an inspection at MTR’s processing facilities, payment can be made direct to the corporate end user, to the reseller or into a customer technology fund for future purposes. After undergoing multiple levels of data wiping, devices are either resold or destroyed with full certification provided to the customer.

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