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Exertis Launches Next Generation Linx Windows Tablets

New display station provides additional functionality

Exertis, a leading distributor of technology products for the B2B, mobile and retail markets, today announced the launch of its next generation of Linx 8 and 10 inch tablets and a ground breaking display station designed exclusively for use with those products. Resellers will have access to the products from 7th September.

The new Linx 820 builds on its predecessor. Powerful and portable, its beautifully precise 8 inch display is powered by a 64-bit Quad-Core Intel® processor, running Windows 10 and preinstalled with Office Mobile apps. A unique 13-pin connector lets you expand its capabilities with compatible peripherals and accessories. Likewise the Linx 1020 gives you all the great features of Windows 10, access to your favourite apps and connectivity. Two full-size USB ports let you connect all your external peripherals and devices without the need for additional hubs or cables while dual-band Wi-Fi provides better and more stable wireless connectivity. The tablet can be quickly changed into a powerful 2 in 1 device by connecting it to the Linx keyboard dock.

Designed exclusively for the Linx tablets and compatible with most TV and monitor models, the Linx 820 and 1020 can be transformed into a workstation, gaming machine or media hub by adding the Linx all-in-one display station. Using an industry standard fixing bracket, you can select and mount a wide variety of TVs and monitors that connect using HDMI for a simple, no hassle setup solution. With features like tablet charging, extended display and additional full-size USB ports, you can create the environment you want, anywhere.

Simon Woodman, Exertis mobile director said “The combination of the Linx tablets and display station give you endless options. In the home or office, you can seamlessly continue your personal or business projects by adding a keyboard and mouse using the extended display for the perfect desktop environment. Or turn your tablet into a gaming machine with gamepad support. Hook up a gamepad and play games seamlessly over your home network from an Xbox One console or high-powered PC rig. Or turn it into a media hub by docking the tablet to make any TV Smart and connect to all of your favourite streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Sky Go. Two full-size high-speed USB 3.0 ports let you easily plug in your own external hard drives, enabling you to put your own files and content on the big screen”.

Linx has established itself as a successful brand in both the consumer and business markets with a range of high spec, affordable windows tablets. Its reputation was further enhanced when the brand was recognised for its quality winning the Microsoft OEM Partner of the Year 2016, a significant achievement for a relative newcomer but a reflection of its market share and customer acceptance.

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