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Exertis partners with childrens’ smartwatch brand Xplora

Exertis, is pleased to announce the addition of Xplora Technologies Ltd to its portfolio. Xplora is a leading manufacturer of smartwatches for children, designed to provide a safe and secure onboarding to the digital world.

Xplora was founded in Norway with a mission to give children a safe and appropriate product to stay connected to their loved ones, other than a smartphone. The brand places a healthy emphasis on children and families being more active, and the benefits of gaining a better balance between screen time and physical activity.

The Xplora range of smartwatches is advertised as a child’s first mobile device, and is affordable yet feature-rich, with services such as internet access, social media and most game-related applications all removed for the benefit of young children.

Goplay, the online platform which links to each Xplora device, rewards activities and incentivises children to be more physically active. An integrated step counter counts daily steps, then these are automatically converted into Xplora coins in Goplay, where 1,000 steps equates to 1 Xplora coin. The user can then use their coins to access screen time, mini-games, physical products, and more.

Each Xplora product can also be controlled by parents or guardians via the dedicated app, ensuring that guardians have control over the smartwatch’s phone calls, text messages, location tracking (current and 3 day history), safety zone setting and tracking, contact list management, alarm setting, school mode setting, and even the remote shut down of the watch; giving adults peace of mind and encouraging families to connect in a safe way.

The SOS feature on the side of each Xplora device, when pressed for 3 seconds, activates emergency call mode – immediately transmitting the child’s current location and contacting first the primary, then the secondary administrator on the app (automatically repeating until one of them answers). There is also an optional siren sound which can be enabled for extra security.

Sten Kirkbak, Founder and CEO at Xplora, said: “With research showing screen-time has increased by up to 50% amongst children, and childhood obesity a growing concern, our goal at Xplora is to encourage physical activity so we are very excited about the partnership with Exertis, one of the top distributors in the UK. Exertis is key to our growth plans in the UK and will enable us to reach more retailers and ultimately get our products into the hands of consumers, helping to safeguard children and reward activity.”

Kirkbak continued: “We are already in discussion with a number of major retailers keen to offer their customers the Xplora range of affordable, yet feature-rich smart watches with mobile phone and GPS tracking capabilities and the innovative Goplay platform which rewards children for steps taken with physical prizes thus incentivising exercise and improving health. Exertis also shares our mission of a more sustainable future, and will be working with us on our global sustainability projects that will be a major focus for the company in 2021 and beyond.”

Paul Jacobs, Director of Business Development and Innovation at Exertis, said: “The addition of Xplora to our offering, a brand with such a strong vision and with children’s safety and connectivity at the heart, is something we’re excited about bringing to the market. We are pleased to be part of a movement that works toward healthier and more socially engaged children, and Xplora’s vision of enabling children around the world to experience how their everyday activities can make a positive change to the world is an ethos we are proud to implement.”

About Exertis

Exertis is a leading technology distributor of consumer, business and enterprise products from pioneering technology brands, playing an integral role in supplying the world with cutting-edge tech.

Over forty years Exertis has distributed the technology that transforms societies and facilitated the world’s transition to digital. These days Exertis distributes everything from AV solutions to AI-powered smart-tech. Exertis is powered by the mantra ‘our people, our customers, our business’. In 2020 it won ‘Best Company to Work For’ at the CRN Sales & Marketing Awards and had a turnover of £3.913 billion. Exertis, a wholly owned subsidiary of parent company DCC PLC, a FTSE 100 company, represents more than 700 brands in the UK alone and continues to grow. As technology evolves, so does Exertis.

About Xplora

Xplora was founded with the mission of giving children a safe onboarding to digital life and encouraging a better balance between screen time and physical activity. Xplora’s broad portfolio of connected products and services allows people to connect their loved ones, and children to experience how their everyday activities can make a positive change in the world. Xplora’s critically-acclaimed products are trusted by more than a quarter of million kids worldwide, while the Goplay Services are available for more than 10 million families via third parties. Recently, the company collaborated with Sony Interactive Entertainment España to get kids playing outdoors more via integration with the Goplay Services. Xplora has offices in Norway, UK, Germany, and Spain, and is spreading into new markets in the US and Europe. Xplora has several major innovations in the child smartwatch category, including the launch of the world’s first eSIM product for children in August 2020 and its patent-pending activity platform and logic converting steps to awards. The company was co-founded by Sten Kirkbak, a father of four, who has worked with technology for almost 20 years, and first came up with the idea when he lost his four-year-old son in a shopping mall and couldn’t find him for more than 30 minutes.

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