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Technology Reseller publisher Neil Trim immerses himself in his work with the benefit of a Samsung Quantum dot premium curved monitor.

Samsung Quantum dot premium curved monitor
Samsung Quantum dot premium curved monitor

Even though the CF791 is primarily aimed at gamers, I was curious to try it out in the workplace to see how applicable it is to everyday tasks and some more demanding publishing work. After all, the likelihood is that people will use the screen both for work and play.

After unboxing the 34-inch monitor, placing it on my desk and connecting the HD cable from my Mac, I sat back in complete admiration. The 21:9 curved screen demands attention, not just for its widescreen display but also for the sleek silver bezel and stylish stand that doubles as a cable tidy. The CF791 oozes luxury and had the same effect on my mood as a designer watch or new pair of shoes.

On powering it up, the benefits of the monitor’s extra acreage were immediately evident, with the icons that cluttered up my old display suddenly looking insignificant against the panoramic mountain scene background. The value of the extra screen space is not purely aesthetic; it is also great for productivity.

This quickly became apparent when doing some database cross reference work, which involves using Excel, a web browser and my email inbox simultaneously. The width of the CF791 allows me to have all three programmes open next to each other, saving me from having to toggle between different windows.

It is also of great value when proofing page layouts, as the extra width makes it possible to view two large documents side-by-side. Unlike a dual monitor set-up, seeing both pages on one screen ensures colour consistency.

A third task – reviewing video-based interviews and presentations for our websites – demonstrated how Samsung’s curved screen really does create a more immersive experience that aids concentration and helps minimise distractions – always useful in an open plan office. It also highlighted the impressive picture quality provided by Samsung’s Quantum dot technology.

All in all, the Samsung CF791 has proven itself to be a valuable workplace asset on many levels. It looks great on any desk; it solves the problem of desktop clutter – built-in dual stereo speakers eliminate the need for external speakers and cables, while a simple connectivity panel supports multiple inputs, including two HDMI, a DP and two USBs; and it handles multiple applications with ease. This makes it a great choice for gamers and non-gamers alike.

"Curved monitors present a clear sales opportunity"
“Curved monitors present a clear sales opportunity”

From a reseller’s perspective, curved monitors present a clear sales opportunity, initially for roles that have the greatest need for a larger screen, such as designers, web site developers and architects. However, their ergonomic properties and productivity benefits make them an attractive option for people in sales, marketing and administrative roles as well – and for employers eager to attract and retain high quality employees.

A wise, old office furniture sales pro once said to me: “When companies buy office furniture, they spend most of the budget on big flashy desks and what’s left on seating, even though it is the seat that employees sit on all day.” It’s the same with monitors; you can have all the computing power and software you like, but if you use a budget screen you won’t be able to make the most of your computer’s capabilities.

Only by opening their minds and eyes to a panoramic curved screen will your customers find out what their computers and workers are truly capable of.

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