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Five ways to scale your MSP business

Gregg Lalle, SVP International Sales and Strategy at ConnectWise, picks five strategic areas MSPs should focus on in 2021 

  1. Do more with less MSPs should take a hard look at what is being spent and where, evaluate current and future manpower needs, and identify which new software tools and platforms will be mission-critical to meeting evolving customer demand. For example, by automating routine tasks with good RMM software, MSPs can free up technicians’ time for more important tasks. 
  2. Cultivate the right customers Working with customers that fit your existing in-house skill sets is the key to diversifying into new verticals. By applying some smart thinking, MSPs will be able to expand their transferable skills and service specialities to carefully targeted new client groups. As well as assessing whether their skills are relevant to potential customers in new industry sectors, MSPs will need to evaluate how many more hours their teams can realistically accommodate and whether it’s better to have a few larger clients or multiple smaller ones.
  3. Explore new offerings Diversification is a great way to scale without having to bring on net-new customers. With security now a top priority, MSPs that can expand their offerings to include cybersecurity will be well placed to grow their business. By offering an outsourced SOC that can monitor and manage threat detection and serve up SIEM services, MSPs can capitalise on opportunities without having to build products or services from the ground up or hire new workers.
  4. Invest in people trainingI Investing in training is key to acquiring the certifications and know-how tech staff will need to expand into new areas. Learning about new areas, like cybersecurity, is also a great way for MSP owners to lead by example and identify new business opportunities. Similarly, improving the skillsets of non-technical teams will boost the quality of service delivery.
  5. Focus on workplace culture Now is the time for MSPs to assess their workplace culture. Garnering insights into how employees feel following 12 months of disruptive change will help flag what needs to be done to create a happier, healthier workplace that appeals to and attracts Gen Z and Millennial workers.
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