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Flexible finance from beginning to end

TD SYNNEX has launched a new finance offer that lets customers fund investment in new technology solutions without having to find up-front capital and then choose from a flexible set of options at the end of the agreement period.

The Flexscription service has been developed in collaboration with CF Corporate Finance and is available through TD SYNNEX’s Tech-as-a-Service platform, which enables partners to offer customers any combination of hardware, software and services on a subscription basis.

It differs from other finance or leasing options in that, as well as allowing customers to invest in new technology solutions right away, it provides several options for the end of the agreement.

Customers can either return the equipment, roll it on at the same rate, extend for 12 or 24 months, or make a one-off final fee and have indefinite use of the equipment. All options are embedded into the agreement and are set out clearly at the start.

Mike Yiannakou, Director, CF Corporate Finance, said: “By offering clear end-of- contract options, we’re giving the customer greater reassurance and taking the risk out of financing hardware.”

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