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FP Consulting Limited now using Frama RMail

Leading Independent Financial Advisers, FP Consulting Limited now using Frama RMail for email encryption, registered email and e-signature.

“Our ethos has always been to provide the best service to our clients. This includes ensuring that the information that we hold and send is secure. Email encryption and e-signature was a large requirement for us in 2018, and Frama RMail has given us this and more, all without leaving Outlook. Simple for us, and easy for our clients.“ Steve Baker – Director


Introduction of a solution for the secure, digital exchange, e-signature and transmisson of private data of clients including auditable proof of compliance.


Frama RMail including encryption, legal proof of compliance, proof of content / time, e-signature and secure le transfer.


▪ Simple and straightforward implementation                                                                                               ▪ Registered Receipt (Compliance Record) to demonstrate compliance
▪ Auditable Proof of Compliance
▪ Efficiency improvements through e-Substitution                                                                                   ▪ Enhanced protection against cybercrime (CEO Fraud)


The introduction of GDPR, meant that the team at FP Consulting needed to nd a secure way of emailing their clients. One which was not going to require more work on the recipients side.

The rm selected Frama RMail as the standard solution for its email encryption. With its built-in encryption scenarios, RMail made it easy for both the team at FP Consulting, and also their clients. No portals, no logins, no sign ups. The TLS / Auto PDF encryption model was ideal for them.


Mike Roberts – RMail specialist for Frama UK, coordinated the rst analysis summarising the main requirements for the rm: Encryption of private data, with an auditable proof of compliance for GDPR.

Within 2 hours of seeing a live demo of the system, the team were up and running. After a few IT discussions, they were sending encrypted emails as simple as standard emails. The roll-out was fast and the training was done virtually with the team.


The roll-out experience was excellent. The positive user feedback and the overall performance and availability was rated excellent. Internal data protection audits gave green light for the RMail solution to demonstrate compliance under GDPR.

RMail with its “Secure Reply” function helps to simplify the data exchange between all parties when nancial information is in transit.

The acceptance and user experience levels of the recipients are outstanding.

Finally, as cybercrime is focusing more and more on users of computer systems, RMail o ers with
its Anti-Whaling imposter protection an additional layer of security warning users with a pop-up to be careful and to verify the sender and the content using the good old telephone should the email be “suspicious”.


It is easy to encrypt an email, but it is di cult to provide a system that is widely accepted from all involved parties and at the same time demonstrates compliance towards GDPR.

This is where Frama RMail performs! FP Consulting Limited have implemented an easy to use, well featured and forward thinking solution to demonstrate compliance and to increase e ciency within the rm.


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