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Fujitsu turns scanning on its head

In September, PFU (Fujitsu) reached another milestone when it shipped its 5 millionth ScanSnap personal document scanner since launching the series famous for its intuitive interface and one-touch scanning technology in 2001.

Since then, Fujitsu has continued to simplify scanning for office and home users. Its latest model, the newly launched iX1500, takes this even further, effectively turning the scanning process on its head.

Instead of scanning a document and choosing what to do with it every time, the iX1500 lets users press a large colour-coded button on the 4.3-inch touchscreen to activate a pre-programmed scan, such as scanning a receipt into a spreadsheet or into a particular folder.

Through the provision of multiple licences, a number of users can share the same iX1500 and pre-programme their own tasks.

In addition, the iX1500 can automatically name files, recognise different document types (e.g. photos, receipts, business cards) and send them to a preferred destination without the user having to adjust settings.

Another useful innovation is ScanSnap Home, which combines a user’s favourite ScanSnap software functions into a single application, enabling them to organise, preview, tag, search and retrieve documents in just a few clicks.

Featuring both Wi-Fi and Direct Connect modes, the iX1500 can handle documents up to A3 at speeds of up to 30 double-sided A4 colour sheets per minute.

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