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Future Processing achieves 13% growth as COVID-19 pandemic brings more demand for dedicated software development

Future Processing, a software development company, today announced that it has achieved 13% growth since the beginning of 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic has created an increased demand for dedicated software development. Whilst navigating the unprecedented environment, the company is aiming to achieve a total growth of 22% by the end of the year while continuing measures to ensure that the quality of work is maintained for its clients.


Demand for software talent

To support Future Processing’s exponential growth, the company increased its recruitment outreach and expanded its team with a number of new hires. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, data and software development roles have been leading the way as the most in demand jobs by employers, making it one of the few industries to increase hiring during this time. As a result of its increased demand from customers, Future Processing employed 22 new employees during Q2, with some onboard and a few candidates preparing to start in the coming weeks.


800 employees – from office to remote

Prior to the Coronavirus, Future Processing offered flexible working to its team with around 200 employees working from home. However, when government restrictions were put into place, the business had to modify its existing infrastructure to withstand the demands of 800 employees working remotely at the same time. Future Processing managed to move the whole company to remote work in just 24 hours, without interfering with the team’s work continuity or productivity.


Maintaining customer confidence

Future Processing prides itself on delivering projects on time and on budget for its customers, and this was no different during this challenging period. In addition to achieving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 65 during COVID-19, the Product Design department started conducting workshops online to enhance digital cooperation. Future Processing’s Healthcare team also supported a number of hospitals and clinics that required tailor-made software to navigate the pressures posed by the virus.

Commenting on Future Processing’s growth and future plans, Paweł Pustelnik, Managing Director said: “From what we observe now, the market is improving in comparison to what we experienced 2 to 3 months ago. COVID-19 proved to many organisations that they were able to work remotely and still achieve good results. Future Processing is still adjusting to our new normal, where things will change quickly, and uncertainty might arise, but we will continue working closely with our customers to ensure we can deliver projects to the highest quality.”

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