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GDPR lawyer urges firms to consider cyber security implications with every key business decision as the new hybrid working model looks set to stay

The cyber security and GDPR compliance platform, Naq Cyber, is advising business leaders across the UK that they must consider the cyber security implications of every key business decision as millions of businesses are vulnerable to attacks over the next 12 months and beyond. Thousands more businesses have moved online since the pandemic started and as the hybrid working model is set to become the ‘new normal’ this means cyber security has never been so important to the UK economy and workforce.

A recent report showed that 92% of UK businesses have experienced a cyberattack in the last 12 months, with over two-thirds (72%) successfully breached at least once. These attacks can be fatal for businesses as they have all become more reliant than ever on tech solutions to manage almost every aspects of their business.

The report also went on to show that 60% of all UK businesses have a skill shortage in cybersecurity and this is why the cyber experts at Naq Cyber have launched a one stop platform for small businesses to easily manage their cyber security and legal compliance, essentially a small business information security officer.

Nadia Kadhim, GDPR Lawyer and CEO at Naq Cyber added, “It is critical that businesses start taking cyber security seriously as so many are completely reliant on technology to support almost every process and function in their company. Every new business decision should consider the cyber security implications as any additional software or tech solution could leave the business and employees vulnerable.”

About Naq Cyber

For every rewarding milestone you meet, you’ll have been forced to become a sales rep, marketing manager, accountant, IT consultant, HR manager and now also Data Protection Officer. That last one sounds a little daunting, doesn’t it? But there’s no getting around it — the safety and security of your business’ information has never been more important to your existence, your growth and your reputation.

Naq helps business owners protect their livelihoods, without adding another item to their to-do list. We provide the tools and support that you need to boost your business’ resilience against the very real threat of a data breach or cyber attack and take care of the necessary steps to ensure your business is GDPR compliant. We will also be there every step of the way, to calm any worrying thoughts you may have.

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