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Gender gap widens in the North

The gender gap in the North’s digital technology sector is continuing to widen, with workforces split 72:28 male to female, compared with a 60:40 split last year, according to the Manchester Digital annual digital skills audit.

The disparity is even more prevalent in technical roles, where the male to female split is 88:12, up from 70:30 last year. Over half of businesses surveyed said their tech teams are all male.

Manchester Digital’s audit of over 250 digital and technology businesses also found that developer roles are the most difficult to fill, for the fourth year in a row, with one in three businesses saying they’d struggled to recruit for these roles.

Not surprisingly, these are the most outsourced roles, along with creative and IT.

To secure talent, businesses in the region are experiencing above average wage inflation: 51% of companies said they had had to in?ate salaries to compete, compared to 44% in 2016.

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