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GuardYoo joins ‘CMS Powered by’ stable

CMS Distribution has entered into an agreement with GuardYoo to provide its attack surface management platform and pen testing and security services under the ‘CMS Powered by’ brand.

Darren Sexton, GuardYoo’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “It’s a real pleasure for us at GuardYoo to partner with CMS Distribution who have a strong history of delivering value-added services to their channel. Through our partnership with
CMS, we are able to provide cybersecurity partners with a sophisticated Attack Surface Management platform to help their clients accurately identify and remediate previously undetected vulnerabilities.”

CMS Cloud Service Powered by GuardYoo allows partners to create, execute and analyse cybersecurity assessments on their clients’ infrastructure and then deploy additional services, such as penetration and security testing, digital forensics and threat intelligence, when previously undetected threats, risks or evidence of adversaries within the client’s infrastructure are identified.

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