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Half of UK businesses say their IT storage lacks critical performance

Nearly half (47%) of SMEs are concerned their IT storage lacks critical performance, with 39% saying it lacks capacity as well.

The survey by Ultima reveals that over half of data held within a business is dark data. Nearly one third is redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT) and provides no value to a business (e.g. multiple copies of a file held within a file server in different places, data that has no discernible owner or Christmas party pictures from five years ago).

To cope with the lack of storage capacity and performance, 53% of businesses are considering moving applications to the cloud this year. Nearly a third (30%) are thinking of purchasing new IT storage.

Matt Beale, Storage Solutions Specialist at Ultima, says that instead of just adding more cloud storage, businesses need to think about managing their data better.

He said: “It’s commonly stated that backups need to be kept for five or seven years. Why? Often the response is: ‘Finance says that we need to keep seven years of records’. That’s fine, but if you look into your finance system I can almost guarantee that you have at least seven years of records in your production system. So why are you keeping seven years old backups? All they are doing is costing you money.”

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