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Have talent will travel…..

Global Talent Visa applications have increased by 45% and 48% over the last two years and are expected to rise again from January 2021, when the scheme will open up to tech talent from the EU, claims Tech Nation, the official endorsing body for Digital Technology.

Since November 2018, Tech Nation has received 1,975 visa applications and endorsed 920 from more than 50 countries. The largest number of endorsed applications have come from India, the US and Nigeria, with app & software development, AI & machine learning and fintech being the most common technology sectors.

Two fifths (41%) of applicants choose to reside outside London in one of the UK’s regional tech hubs.

Half (52%) of those endorsed for the Tech Nation Global Talent Visa since 2014 are now employed at UK tech firms. A further 28% have become tech founders.


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