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HiHo Solutions make speaking the Lingo easier!

UK Telecoms and Technology Company NB Data has launched through its own HiHo Solutions brand, a new Language Translation Device, this will give the ability of having instant translation, available to every National Service and Business at the push of a button through the Lingo Plus, with quick and accurate translation of languages for the business world and holiday travel, translations are made easy and accessible.

The HiHo Solutions Lingo Plus has 108 languages to choose from. A simple scroll to find your choice of language and a push to speak button will translate your conversation allowing both parties to converse freely, showing the translation on screen, and speaking the translated words or sentences instantly.

Neil Hinde, MD of NB Data said “The Lingo Plus is the latest product to grace the HiHo solutions product portfolio and is already proving a great success within the NHS, Police and Army and other Government bodies and Businesses all over the UK  they can see this as a great product when working on the frontline, saving both valuable time and money and in some cases to work alongside the need to have translator service for the company . With the important feature of being able to transfer the saved data of transcript and voice on to a PC so that all records can be kept in their relevant files for proof and future reference purposes.”

Smooth, reliable, and easy to transport, this device fits in the palm of your hand and, at £99.99 GBP, is a worthy investment for those that need to get past the language barrier quickly and efficiently. The Lingo Plus connects to Wi-Fi or mobile phone hotspot, but where this is impossible, there is an option to save up to twelve favourite languages before your visit for offline use.

The Lingo Plus will also scan and translate documents, ideal for regulations, menus, articles to aid you in your business activities and whilst travelling.  A must have for today’s working environment.

To see the HiHo Solutions Lingo Plus in action, take a look at our YouTube video.

 About NB Data and HiHo Solutions

NB Data is a UK distributor of business communications products based in Manchester.

As many companies in the UK switched to working from home during the 2020 lockdown, NB launched the new brand HiHo Solutions aimed at work from home users, initially supplying webcams and headsets to overcome worldwide shortages. The range has grown to over 40 products including wearables, novel PPE including wall mounted temperature readers and personal sanitisers as well as portable USB accessories for work anywhere.

From personal to OEM projects, if you have a need, we have the solution, we are only limited by your imagination, with your vision being our future.

For more information about NB Data, and HiHo Solutions visit

+44 (0)161 7472540

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