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How to win more business with Exclusive Networks Consulting & Professional Services

What are Exclusive Networks Consulting & Professional Services and how can they help you generate additional revenue and strengthen customer relationships? Read our Q&A to find out

Q. Why should I consider Exclusive Networks Consulting & Professional Services?

Created specifically to help you successfully deliver client projects with exceptional quality and minimal overhead, our consulting and professional services offer partners the power to sell, implement and support client projects on the scale of a major 24/7 value added service and technology operation, but without the time and operating cost overhead

With the wide range of vendor solutions available and the pace at which technology evolves, we understand that keeping the right mix of skilled resources ready to deploy projects is expensive, difficult to achieve and challenging to maintain.

We offer you a ticket to exponential, high quality technical services capabilities by placing the right combination of experience, skills and product knowledge into your client projects as and when you need them, acting as a natural extension of your own technical team.

Q: What Types of Consulting and Professional Services are available from Exclusive Networks?

Our mobile team of more than 30 experienced presales engineers can help size, scope and stage, create statements of work and perform audits, network visibility optimisation and configuration, as well as health checks.

The services can be categorised into three key areas:

·      Pre-sales Services

·     Implementation Services

·     Health Check, Optimisation & Configuration and Audit Services


Q: What do your Pre-Sales Services cover?

Designed to complement your own sales teams, we offer expert product and integrated solutions knowledge to help you respond to a broad range of client RFPs, close new deals and extend existing implementations in ways you may not even have considered.

Presales engagements cover everything from Onsite Meetings, Partner Enablement, Webex/Demo of Core Products

POC and Quick Win Support of POC to Tender Response.
Whether it’s a simple question of ‘can it be done?’  or help creating compelling, integrated product solutions, our commercially focused pre-sales consultants offer the perfect mix of technical expertise and business development to help you architect and price the best solution for your clients’ specific needs, provide demonstration capabilities and even build and deliver a proof of concept.

Q: How could your Implementation Services help us?

If you’re experiencing a resource peak and require short-term access to additional skills and experience, we can help.

If you need to instruct an accredited consultant to commission a solution into service, our professional Implementation Services deliver commercial value and technical accuracy.

We do this in full accordance with our vendors’ best practices and are well versed in complying with clients’ change and configuration control processes.

Our services are not limited to new installations; we can also assist with subsequent changes, additions or upgrades to existing deployments.

Q: Why do you recommend Health Checks, Audits or Optimisation and Configuration Services?

According to Gartner research, 99% of firewall breaches through 2023 will be due to firewall misconfigurations, not product flaws.

Whether it’s wireless surveys or solution audits, Optimisation and Configuration, Firewall Health Checks or rule audit to IPv6 readiness assessments, these services help mitigate the risk of breaches through misconfiguration, giving you a crucial competitive edge.

We recommend a firewall health check once a year or following a major change in the business, such as on-boarding new web applications or a change of technology administration staff.  It’s also a useful exercise prior to renewal to check that it still meets the needs of the business.

Our Network Visibility Optimisation and Configuration Service,recommended 1-2 months after migration, expedites your migration from port-based rules to reduce the attack surface and safely enable applications on your network.

Many organisations do not fully implement the capabilities of their Next-Generation Firewalls, leading to gaps in security.  We measure your NGFW security management capabilities across your deployment, identify the most critical security controls and enable you to make adjustments that not only strengthen security but also maximise the return on investment.

Q: What can your Consulting & Professional Services do for me?

If your own IT team is under resourced or lacking expertise with a specific vendor, we offer an extension to your existing services with the right combination of experience, skills and product knowledge as and when you need it.

This enables you to:

Our pre-sales services can be the difference between the scope of new business you are able to pitch for and the amount of new business that you win.  Our commercially focused pre-sales consultants are the perfect mix of technical expert and business development support.

  1. PROVIDE ADDITIONAL REVENUEYou can generate extra revenue for yourselves by offering our professional services with your own mark up. Minimum overheads, maximum margin.
    Our teams will help you architect and price the best solution for your client’s specific needs, provide demonstration capabilities and even build and deliver a proof of concept. Because we can act as an extension of your services, this will demonstrate competence and offer ongoing support to customers. This is especially true for partners who don’t have the resource or knowledge on specific vendors

Q: Which vendors do your Professional Services cover?

Our consulting and professional services cover Cybersecurity vendors:  Exabeam, (Forescout), Fortinet, Gigamon, Infoblox, Netskope, Palo Alto, Proofpoint, SentinelOne, Thales and Tufin.

We also cover data centre transformation vendors Nutanix, Rubrik and Silverpeak.


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