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Humans still best

Three quarters (75%) of consumers prefer to have customer service enquiries handled by a live agent than self-service options or a chat bot, reveals a new survey by NewVoiceMedia. Just 13% would be happy for all service interactions to be handled by bots.

The main concerns people have with chat bots are their failure to understand an issue (65%); an inability to solve complex issues (63%); not providing answers to simple questions (49%); and impersonal service (45%).

People feel most uncomfortable interacting with a chat bot for large banking (82%), medical enquiries (75%) and small banking (60%).

Dennis Fois, President of NewVoiceMedia, said: “When a situation becomes emotional or complex, people want to engage with people. For this reason, companies must find the right balance between automation and human support. Frontline contact centre teams will continue to make a difference in the battle to win the hearts and minds of customers, and organisations deploying self-service solutions should ensure that there is always an option to reach a live agent.”

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