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‘Hybrid Working’ pioneer vows to continue working away from office despite Covid announcement

An I.T managed services company has vowed to keep working away from the office in spite of Boris Johnson’s latest announcement – and it believes most companies will do the same.

TruStack has enabled hundreds of organisations across the North East and beyond to implement ‘Hybrid Working’ practices during the pandemic, where staff are able to work effectively and securely from a variety of locations.

And TruStack has practised what it has preached by having employees working mostly from home, with limited staff in both its Houghton-le-Spring Support Centre and its Cramlington head office at any one time.

Now, in spite of being told his employees can return to the office, TruStack’s Commercial Director Phil Cambers has revealed that high levels of productivity and keeping staff happy and healthy mean his business will keep working in this way for the foreseeable future.

He also believes this will be the same for the majority of North East and UK businesses that have implemented Hybrid Working practices.

Mr Cambers said: “Even though Boris Johnson has said we can go back to the office, we are going to continue doing what we are doing – nothing will be changing at all.

“Before the pandemic many businesses may have been unsure that their employees would show the same levels of productivity as in the office with all the distractions at home, but for us and many of our clients, productivity has never been higher, and staff are happy.

“Only yesterday I carried out a survey with a cross-section of our staff and I asked them if they’d rather work in the office, just from home or a mixture of the two, and everyone said they’d prefer a mix.

“From our point of view, nothing is broken, so there is nothing to fix!”

He added: “In fact, some of the more forward-thinking businesses we know were starting to move to a Hybrid Working model before the pandemic even started.

“I think that a more general move towards Hybrid Working would have taken place without the pandemic, but Covid-19 has sped the process up – what would have taken five years has taken 18 months.

“Hybrid Working is the future – it is here to stay, in spite of whatever the Government tell businesses they should be doing.”

Boris Johnson’s announcement on Monday will bring its ‘work from home’ order, brought into effect in March last year, to an end on July 19.

Recent data from the Office of National Statistics showed 25.9% of people – or 8.4m people – are currently working from home compared to 12.4% of people before the pandemic.

TruStack has enabled many of its customers to work from home over the past year-and-a-half by providing hardware such as laptops, as well as software, enhanced security solutions and unified communications.

It carried out a survey with some of these customers to gauge their reaction to the new way of working – and the responses were overwhelmingly positive.

Seventy five percent of those surveyed said they expected employees to carry out more hybrid working in the future, while 100% said they had a more positive view of hybrid working as a result of Covid-19.

For more information on TruStack go to or call 0191 250 3000.

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