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HYPERVSN strengthens partnership with PSCo

PSCo, the official UK distribution and trade rental partner of HYPERVSN, is showcasing the latter’s full product range at Innovation House in Bracknell and in HYPERVSN’s recently opened central London showroom. 

HYPERVSN’s 3D holographic display system consists of a four-ray rotor that can display 3D content at up to 670 RPM, producing visuals and videos that appear to be floating in mid-air, like high-resolution holograms, without the need for wearables. 

Proprietary CMS software enables users to control the device remotely and create, upload and manage content, while HYPERVSN 3D Studio makes it easy to convert 2D images into eye-catching 3D visuals.

Already deployed in more than 350 installations worldwide, the technologyhas multiple applications in events and conferences, bars and restaurants, corporate offices and retail stores. 

Three product ranges are available for purchase or trade rental through PSCo: the HYPERVSN Solo, HYPERVSN Wall and HYPERVSN Holographic Human.

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