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I couldn’t do my job without: Anna Downes Co-founder & CEO of Video Sherpa…

…. a video production software platform that empowers people and businesses to create their own video content in-house. At the core of Video Sherpa is belief in the power of video as an incredible communication tool. The Video Sherpa platform gives organisations a user-friendly way to film, edit, share and manage all their own, unique video content, transforming their communications, training and social media engagement campaigns. Here, she lists the five things she couldn’t do her job without

beats headphones

1 Beats Headphones
Whether I am editing video content, giving an online demo, checking in with our remote team or just listening to some music, my headphones are always within arm’s reach. I’m a bit old school and haven’t yet embraced the new trend for airpods or ear buds, still preferring the soft cushioning of large headphones. I just love my Beats, which were a gift a few years ago and are still going strong.

2 Zoom

Zoom Rooms

Zoom has been a critically important tool for our company since long before the Covid-19 lockdown forced us all to work remotely. We use it constantly to give product demos to customers all over the world, host webinars, deliver online training for clients etc. I tried other options, and we do use Microsoft Teams for our internal daily conversations, but I find Zoom extremely reliable, with superior picture quality, which is particularly important for us when demonstrating a video tool.

3 Apple Pay


Like many people I rarely use cash these days and find myself ordering online more than ever before, so the ease and simplicity of Apple Pay on my iPhone is a godsend. Probably too convenient for those late night online splurges if I am honest!

4 Online Newspapers
I believe in supporting good journalism by paying for it and I subscribe to a couple of online newspapers, which is so much more practical, convenient and cheaper than buying print editions. 2020 has thrown everything at us and it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the noise. Following trusted, experienced journalists and getting alternative views from different sources is helpful in getting a more complete picture of what is going on in society, in business, in politics, everywhere.

5 Video Sherpa
We know how tricky and time-consuming it can be to create good quality video content in-house, without having to bring in a professional videographer every time. So we set out to solve this problem and built our own platform – Video Sherpa. It goes without saying that we use Video Sherpa to create all our own video content and everyone on the team uses it daily, creating product tutorials, training videos, customer testimonials and social media content. It really has simplified our entire process significantly, and we’ve seen a huge increase in our customer engagement and sales as a result

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