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I couldn’t do my job without

Dawn George is a US-based productivity consultant, an Evernote certified consultant and Certified Professional Organiser who has been in business for over 15 years. She works one-on-one with her clients both in-person and virtually to help them get organised, improve habits and increase efficiency at work and at home. It’s no surprise that Dawn uses a number of tech tools to keep her organised and productive. Here, she reveals the five tools she couldn’t do her job without.

1. is by far my most used app. It’s a task manager for iOS, Android and the web, with all the usual features you’d expect and so much more. What I love most about is the ability to easily review and assign my tasks to a time when I can actually get them done. In addition, I have my to do’s organised by context such as errands, emails, calls, etc. so I can get similar tasks done all at once. syncs with Siri as well as Google Calendar, Outlook and other calendars so I can see my tasks and appointments all in one view.

Evernote logo circle
Evernote app

2. Evernote
Evernote is my digital brain. It holds every piece of information I may want or need and allows me to easily find it within seconds. Evernote syncs between my laptop, tablet, phone and the web, so I can access my info anywhere. What I love most about Evernote is its powerful search feature. I can search for a word, combination of words, dollar amount or anything else and Evernote finds exactly what I need even if it doesn’t appear in the title of the document. I love Evernote so much that I became an Evernote Certified Consultant in 2016 and train others on how to use this fantastic app.

Voxer app
Voxer logo

3. Voxer
Most days I’m working on-site with clients and driving to and from appointments, so I have limited time in my office. In order to stay in touch with clients, co-workers and friends I use the app Voxer. With Voxer I can exchange voice messages up to 15 minutes in length and the receiver can listen and respond at their convenience. The messages can be sent to just one person or large groups. I find that using Voxer is much more efficient than playing phone tag or typing up e-mails. My friendships have grown so much since I started using this app since it’s such a great way to stay connected to those near and far.

4. Scannable
Since I am pretty much paperless in my home and office, Scannable is a must have app for me. I can quickly scan receipts, business cards and other documents as they are received and get rid of the paper. I love that I can crop, rotate and enhance the scans so they look clean no matter what. With Scannable I can easily e-mail, text or save the scan to my camera roll, or I can save it to Evernote, Google Drive or other cloud storage services.

5. Loom
Since I teach individuals how to become more efficient, I often need to show my clients how to use various apps and pieces of software. I use Loom to record my laptop or phone screen while showing and telling them how to use these tools. My clients receive a link to view the videos and can watch the tutorial as many times as needed. Each video has a unique URL so you can share and post them on social media, and they are saved in your personal library so you can reuse as needed.

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