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I couldn’t do my job without…

Josh Bunce is the founder and CEO of inurface Group, an end-to-end digital signage solutions company responsible for the screens, displays and experiential installations in some of the High Street’s best-known stores. Josh, now 31, established inurface in 2012, since when he has built it into one of the signage industry’s major players, with the highest number of screens on Oxford Street, clients in over 30 countries and responsibility for over 1 billion pixels. Here, he picks the six things he couldn’t do his job without.

1 Laptop
Having a great laptop is essential for making the most of my time and keeping up with what is going on in the business. I often find myself working from unexpected places all over the country and frequently need to open hefty documents and data-intensive programs. My laptop needs to be able to cope with these demands, without slowing down. It is important for me to be able to log on whenever necessary, whether I am on-site at an installation, in our offices, at a client’s or even in the car. Every minute counts.

2 My mobile
Emails are great, but you can’t overstate the value of an actual conversation. Picking up the phone and chatting to clients is a big part of my day. Whether it is to discuss a new idea, resolve an issue, or simply to find out what someone is up to, conversation is vital for building strong relationships – business and personal. The reality is that things are often much more easily dealt with over the phone. A quick chat is a great way to nip a potential problem in the bud.


3 Membership of Soho House
With clients – and prospective clients – spread across the UK and Europe, having a reliable and pleasant place to meet and discuss business is critical. The informal settings at Soho House help to foster much more positive and enjoyable working relationships. Knowing I can use Soho House takes the guess-work out of hosting meetings and means I don’t have to intrude on a client’s offices or space. Membership also means that when travelling overseas I can often stay in Houses and so hit the ground running.

4 Microsoft Teams
With our core team working alongside freelancers throughout the business, having an organised and accessible network is essential. We use Teams to store information, organise work and communicate with each other. Whether it’s a designer needing to look at approved plans, our accountant checking costings or a marketing executive trawling our database of images and work examples, knowing that everyone can access all that they need, and that that information isn’t trapped on individuals’ desktops, makes our business run more efficiently.

inurface New Look Oxford street

As our business has grown so, too, has my responsibility as founder of the company. I want to make sure that I manage my personal time, and the time of others within the team, as effectively as possible, and that my leadership team is doing the same. EOS is a tool kit built specifically for entrepreneurs that provides guidance and support with a focus on future vision, the traction of the business and the cohesive effort of the leadership team. It helps me build and cement a wider vision for the business, while also offering helpful tips and advice that we can act on every day to make our business stronger.

6 Winston, our office dog
Like any entrepreneur, I sometimes find business and the job all-consuming, and remembering to pause during the day isn’t always easy. Having Winston with me on office-based days means I have no choice in the matter. If only for his sake, I have to move away from my screen several times a day for at least a few minutes. It’s often at these times, when I clear my mind, that the best ideas are born.

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