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I couldn’t do my job without…

With Kelvin Wetherill, Founder and CEO of NerdApp

Kelvin Wetherill is Founder and CEO of NerdApp, a marketplace (available on web and app) that connects fully vetted, local freelance IT technicians to individuals and businesses that need tech support on demand, by the hour. Providing remote support in more than 30 countries and on-site support in 7, including the UK, Nerdapp recently closed a £540k pre-seed funding round led by Fuel Ventures, a leading early-stage seed EIS Fund based in London, along with KM Capital, super angel investor Andreas Mihalovits and four other private investors. This investment, combined with the rise in home and hybrid working, is powering double-digit month-on-month growth at the company, especially for NerdApp for Business, which replaces or alleviates pressure on corporate IT departments by resolving employees’ tech issues, with flexible billing, subscription-based models and easy onboarding.

Other areas being developed by NerdApp include strategic partnerships with hardware and software providers so that customers can get everything they need directly from NerdApp and further expansion in the UK, United States, Europe and Australia. NerdApp is also investing in support for the company’s freelance technicians, known as Nerds, recently partnering with CompTIA, the world’s leading IT Certification company, to give them the opportunity to upskill and continue their learning journey. Here, Kelvin Wetherill lists the five things he couldn’t do his job without.

1 Black Coffee First and foremost, I can’t start the day without a long black, preferably from Copple Pot – a local barista in Chiswick, close to the office. Two coffees a day is all I need; anything more overstimulates me.

Chiswick Park

2 Chiswick Park and Zen Den Finding an office with a great location was key for me. Growing up and living in South Africa, I wanted somewhere that was close to a park or by the water. Chiswick Business Park is perfect as it satisfies both requirements. I find a brisk walk around the park really does enhance my mood and boost my productivity. After my morning coffee and walk, I head into our Zen Den, aka NerdApp HQ. Our office is designed as a space where everyone can feel relaxed, which is vital in the fast-paced world of scale-ups. As befits any Zen den, we’ve got a water feature, salt lamps and plants.

nerdapp macbook

3 Macbook Pro One thing I can’t do my job without is my Macbook Pro. Even though I prefer Windows, my Mac allows me to do my job on the go. It also provides superior battery life and a high quality camera and mic for my daily video calls. That said, I have been checking out the new Dell XPS and will most likely move over to that fairly soon. I like mixing up technologies to get a good understanding and feel for different brands, feeds and speeds.

nerdapp eggs

4 Eggs California After my morning meetings, I head to the business park’s local restaurant (The Union) for an Eggs California. This consists of sourdough toast, creamy avo, scrambled eggs with a touch of pesto and the secret ingredient of rose harissa sauce. Don’t be shy on the rose harissa!

trello board

5 Trello Trello is an organisational tool that allows me to stay on top of my to do list and manage my team. Some team members are based remotely and Trello makes sure we are all on the same page when it comes to development tasks, testing and collaboration. Team members can give each other tasks directly, and it helps a lot with my monthly investor reports.

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