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Indirect sales crucial for SaaS companies

Software-as-a-service companies that embrace both a direct and an indirect sales channel will outpace those that focus only on direct sales, claims strategy firm AchieveUnite in a new ebook.

The 555: Why a Channel is Critical to Your SaaS Company, sponsored by Partner Relationship Management (PRM) specialist Impartner, outlines five reasons why a SaaS channel is a go-to-market must, five reasons why it’s different, and five things companies must do to stay ahead of the competition.

AchieveUnite CEO Theresa Caragol said: “SaaS businesses are here to stay and growing rapidly and, according to Gartner, expecting to top $73 billion in revenue this year. Companies need look no further than their own tech stack. SaaS applications are prolific. From top applications like Box and Slack to up-and-coming tools like AppCues and Proov, the common denominator is growth. Most SaaS companies are reaching for growth rates of 40% or higher, but they can’t go it alone. Aggressive SaaS companies need partners to be seen as future-proofed service providers.”

She added: “Partners amplify growth, attract buyers, fill product gaps, drive increased value and validate your solution. However, a SaaS channel is different, and the eBook is 100% focused on explaining how to design an optimum SaaS market revenue strategy.”

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