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Visiting a distributor who was celebrating their 40th year in business reminded me of the importance of relationships and relevancy.

Phil Jone MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK
Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK

To stay in business for over four decades is no mean feat. Technologies change, trends change, people change, organisations and business models change. You only get to remain in the room if you continue to change with them. Yet change is not always easy.

Recent times have shown that some of the most powerful businesses can go insolvent – evidence that a winning pattern of the past can quickly go out of date unless you constantly take time out to think about the future and your part within it.

Relevancy is key. Staying close to your target market, your buyers and your people. It’s as easy to run into problems if all your key people leave you as it is if your service offering falls behind. You have to stay on the ball, as a business owner, salesperson or stakeholder.

Travelling down to the meeting gave me a great opportunity to listen to an audio book, Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley. In it, Daniel describes ways to create new markets within your market, how to attract new premium buyers to your product or services. In other words, how to stay relevant. I’d recommend you read it or listen to it.

In such a dynamic external environment the climate is changing quickly. Evaluating your relevancy and relationships should be something you review as often as your sales results, if you plan to be around for the long term.

See you out there.
Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK
Twitter: @philjones40

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