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Insider… A bitcoin for your thoughts?

Attending a dealer conference recently, I was struck by how many people remarked that they’d read this column in Technology Reseller or seen the Linkedin posts that I publish.

I was taken aback to hear some individuals say they were so struck by a general theme or specific point in an article that they had made a change of some sort in their business. In reality, that’s the point of content – to educate, to inspire, to broadcast, to stir debate, to observe, to commentate, to galvanise someone into action.

It’s never been easier to publish your thoughts. Numerous digital platforms exist, notably Linkedin, perhaps the quickest and easiest way to share thoughts with your business network, utilising their algorithms to get it distributed. It’s fast, free and can be influential, especially when you create it yourself.

When I encourage others to share the benefits of their experience in writing, the response is always the same: What do I write about? Who would want to read my words? I’m not that good at writing…

That’s understandable – it’s tough to find your voice initially. I had exactly the same concerns a few years back and my advice is simply:

1 Start!

2 Have a real think about what you know a lot about vis-a-vis your business that would help to inform/educate your audience. Even things you think might be obvious after years in the industry may not be to others.

3 Get someone to read your first few attempts and be a friendly editor.

4 Not everything has to be a sales message. Think about your company and personal reputation and consider ways to enhance this through sharing your knowledge/expertise/experiences.

5 Always think of your reader and try to provide key insights wherever possible. Content is crucial in the current age. Your company’s digital footprint influences all elements of the company, from recruitment to brand reputation, so it’s vital to invest in it.

See you out there.
Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK
Twitter: @philjones40

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