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With so many winds of change blowing, I got to thinking recently about the industry we’re in and what its prospects might be for the future.

Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK.
Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK.

Behind the usual background chatter of the big eating the small, the small eating the big, mergers, acquisitions, births, deaths, marriages etc., there’s a lot going on that’s changing the landscape we all operate in.

Many will be impacted by recent announcements of mergers or downsizing, which will see thousands of people lose their jobs in IT across EMEA. The industry may not have homes for everyone, so many will move into alternative sectors, along with their embedded experience, never to return.

Meanwhile, BREXIT is pushing up the value of imported hardware, artificially inflating revenues, signalling industry growth to those who don’t have the full picture, whilst concealing the significant changes that are taking place. How the next five years is going to play out with hard BREXIT, we’ll see. Lots more known unknowns to contend with.

IT – Me?

Start-up entrepreneurs coding their way into established sectors may not identify with the IT industry at all, seeing themselves instead as entrepreneurs disrupting multiple business sectors on the way to multi-million (or billion) dollar fortunes. Me in IT? Erm – No!

And then we have a bunch of young people who don’t perceive the IT industry as either ‘hot’ or ‘interesting’. Talk to them about brands like Google or Facebook and it’s high-fives all round. But an apprenticeship in IT sales? Forget it, yet the rewards are equal.

It all makes for some interesting questions. What industry do we now work in? Who does it represent? What is its future? Where is the talent pipeline coming from? Does the IT sector need a re-brand?

What’s clear is that the sector is changing very quickly. Products, People, Services are all changing, and that can make it hard to keep sight of where the IT industry is heading, where you sit within it and what role you plan to play.

Reviewing the gameplan, the talent plan, even the exit plan is key right now and preserving time to think about such things is more important than ever. Over the coming months I aim to share some of my observations here with you.

See you out there.

Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director, Brother UK


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