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IT leaders feel under threat from AI

IT leaders are fearful that their jobs will be replaced by AI within the next ten years, according to a survey of 500 UK IT directors and managers, CIOs and CTOs by cloud security company Trend Micro.

More than two fifths (41%) of respondents believe AI will replace their role by 2030, with just 9% confident AI will definitely not replace their job within a decade.

Nearly one third (32%) believe technology will eventually automate all cybersecurity, with 24% claiming that by 2030 data access will be tied to biometric or DNA data, making unauthorised access impossible.

In the short-term, IT bosses plan to focus investment on staff training and education (45%) and on deploying more automation to support SOC teams (38%).

In its recent report, Turning the Tide, Trend Micro predicts that home networks, remote working software and cloud systems will be subject to a new wave of attacks in 2021. As well as targeting home networks as a way to compromise corporate IT and IoT networks, cybercriminals are expected to exploit vulnerabilities in online collaboration and productivity software soon after they are disclosed.

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