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Jola promotes Sales 2.0

Jola, the channel-only supplier of business communications specialising in mobile data SIMs, is retaining new practices developed during lockdown and encouraging channel partners to do the same. 

CEO Andrew Dickinson said: “Like many channel companies, we found the transition to working remotely an easy one. Productivity went through the roof in our sales team, who were able to book back-to-back meetings online without the need to plan in travel time. Partners were happy to be trained online, and the company benefited from a reduction in expenses. 

“That isn’t to say that real face-to- face isn’t important. That’s why Jola is suggesting a new way of working with our partners – Sales 2.0. In Sales 2.0, most sales meetings will be done on Teams but to ensure we don’t lose that personal touch, we will be staging quarterly events throughout the country, funded by savings in travel and entertainment. These will be a mixture of business, entertainment and fun.” 

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