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New CloudStratex report highlights weaknesses in enterprise cloud initiatives

Moving to the cloud has many benefits but it also has risks, with 57.5% of enterprise decision-makers surveyed by client-side IT advisory CloudStratex stating that the transition has increased their IT costs.

This is one of several findings in a new CloudStratex Insights Report 2022, Resilience, Integration & Efficiency – Hidden Cloud Challenges, which identifies shortcomings in existing approaches to cloud and legacy integrations and cloud financial management.

Almost three quarters (73.2%) of respondents from enterprises with more than 500 employees said their companies would be better supported by higher levels of IT process maturity, especially in cloud financial management. Fewer than 30% of respondents were able to confirm that their organisation doesn’t waste money on cloud subscriptions.

CloudStratex CEO Adrian Overall said: “I think the key insight to take away from our research is simply that cloud’s purported benefits – efficiency, agility, scalability and so on – don’t always happen automatically, and certainly not without a price that can be tricky to pay without the right planning and execution.”

A clear majority of survey respondents reported that IT changes, some implemented at speed during the pandemic, and a lack of tools giving visibility over IT environments have led to business outages in their organisations.

Three quarters (75.8%) of those surveyed said that a more resilient IT environment would increase their business productivity, with almost the same number (75%) agreeing with the statement that ‘the number and duration of business outages could be reduced if your organisation had a better understanding of its application and infrastructure environment’.

In this context, it is significant that 44% of respondents said their organisation’s configuration management database (CMDB) is updated using manual methods, with 39% saying that their CMDB is consistently out of date.

This matters because a growing number of enterprises face new and extensive Operational Resilience (OR) requirements in relation to their IT infrastructure. In fact, nearly 70% of those surveyed have compliance-related OR obligations; 66.8% are required to perform contractual reporting on IT OR.

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