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Lifeline for under-siege web devs

This festive season, platform integration experts at Besyncly, part of Eureka Solutions, are offering a lifeline to hard-pressed web developers with a solution that enables major ecommerce platforms (and bespoke solutions) to ‘speak’ to accounting software like Sage or Xero and business management software like Salesforce.

Lara Fitches, Besyncly Sales Manager, said: “Every day we are contacted by web developers who are at their wits’ end because their clients are demanding integrations that they simply don’t have the capacity to deliver. The worst is accountancy software, because that is all about invoicing, VAT and cashflow, so there is absolutely no room for error. At a time when they are already incredibly busy, integration is another headache they can do without.”

E-commerce website developers are a key market for Besyncly because most systems don’t speak to each other, creating data black holes that it takes time and effort to fix.

“Pretty much every business uses accounting software, but they don’t speak to the ecommerce platforms. That means every time a customer places an order online, a member of staff will have to manually type that information into their book-keeping or accountancy software. Then, someone will need to manually adjust stock levels and upload them back to the website. Doing that 20 to 100 times a day is a full-time job.”

Besyncly makes this happen automatically. And because it is a cloud system, it requires no downloads or updates and is constantly enhanced by a team of developers adding new ‘connectors’ to bridge even more data black holes. Already this year, it has handled tens of millions of data transactions – 70% up on the same period in 2021 – resulting in hundreds of hours saved for clients.

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