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LiFi world first for Kyle Academy

Scottish secondary school pupils have become the first in the world to benefit from LiFi technology, which uses light to establish high-speed wireless internet connections.

LiFi technology benefiting Scottish Secondary school children
LiFi technology benefiting Scottish Secondary school children

The project at Kyle Academy in Ayr, Scotland is being conducted by pureLiFi, the University of Edinburgh and Scottish Futures Trust, with the help of a £16,000 grant from the Scottish Government’s Digital Schools initiative.

LiFi technology is a secure, highspeed, bi-directional, networked wireless communication technology that uses light waves rather than radio waves to transmit data. When installed alongside Wi-Fi, the additional bandwidth it provides reduces network congestion, enabling students to stream educational videos and download resources with seamless connectivity.

Kyle Academy is using a pureLiFi system made up of eight ceiling-mounted LiFi-enabled LED light bulbs, which connect to LiFi-XC Stations plugged into students’ laptops.

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