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‘Logistics Engine’ ethos gives Nimans extra impetus

How Nimans is helping resellers profit from growth in the expanding UC market

Ian Brindle, Head of Conferencing and Telephony Sales, Nimans
Ian Brindle, Head of Conferencing and Telephony Sales, Nimans

For over 35 years Nimans has been a leading player at the forefront of the communications supply industry, evolving from its traditional telephony roots into a complete solutions specialist.

Today, the £100m turnover business covers all areas of converged communications, from network services and UC systems to leasing, technical support, a reseller training academy, data infrastructure expertise and even its own unique product developments. Business is booming, so much so that its multi-million pound warehouse facility is about to expand by a third.

Another exciting new chapter has been written in the company’s history with the unveiling of a dynamic new reseller support service, further strengthening Nimans’ growing status as the ‘logistics engine of the industry’ for IP end points.

The company’s unique ‘cradle to grave’ IP delivery and support solution, known as Compendium, encompasses a groundbreaking auto provisioning and estate management service that enables resellers to capture a bigger slice of the burgeoning UC end point market.

Resellers can access their own virtual warehouse and order any hosted handsets, including Skype for Business (ready to use), as part of a complete, end-to-end management service designed to save them significant time and money. In addition, they can move their clients’ end points from one hosted provider to another overnight.

Features include:

Estate Management – including end point ‘Geo Tag’ location tracking

Nimans leading player at the forefront of the communications supply industry
Nimans leading player at the forefront of the communications supply industry

Remote firmware upgrades

‘Health Status’ device tracking

Fully secure platform

Buy-back and refresh programmes to reduce the cost of technology investment

WEEE Disposal

Massive potential

“With the explosion in hosted telephony, these are ground-breaking plans designed to make resellers’ lives as easy as possible – so they can capture even greater levels of business,” said Ian Brindle, Nimans’ Head of Conferencing and Telephony Sales. “It’s part of our pursuit to become the logistics engine of the industry. Compendium is a game changer.”

Skype for Business voice deployment is set to rocket by 250% over the coming year as millions more users turn to the technology, and, as Ian points out, the market potential is massive.

“Globally 75 million people work from home and there are 600 million mobile workers, along with one billion office cube spaces. Full collaboration of voice, video and content sharing is the way forward, with UC platforms such as Skype for Business revolutionising the way many people work.”

James Burns, Head of Sales (Systems Integrators and Major Accounts), Nimans
James Burns, Head of Sales (Systems Integrators and Major Accounts), Nimans

Resellers can take advantage of a ‘bonded warehouse’ facility where stock is stored at Nimans until it’s required. It can be managed remotely by resellers who can also set-up and provision devices themselves or have them delivered direct to customers, ready to be plugged in. The feature-rich service also includes firmware updates.

At the heart of the new initiative is an easy to use portal, which features a user interface for the creation, modification and monitoring of IP devices. Device status and logging are combined with topology and configuration management solutions from a central resource.

“We are a complete ‘destination’ for UC devices. It’s not just the delivery of that device, but the whole journey from start to finish,” Ian explained.

Destination Nimans For IP End Points

With the UC market forecast to flourish this year, more and more resellers are recognising the importance of end points to accelerate revenue growth. However, an increasingly complex sales process means that many are missing out on lucrative nuggets of business.

This, according to James Burns, Head of Sales (Systems Integrators and Major Accounts), is another area where Nimans can really make a difference.

“There are many key factors that underpin our growth at Nimans, but one of the biggest is how we have earned a reputation as the logistics engine of the industry for UC devices. Put simply UC end points are our speciality. For every technology, resellers can take advantage of pre and post-sales support, specialist expertise and category management teams in areas such as headsets, audio conferencing, IP Telephony and video conferencing.

“Auto provisioning has been dramatically expanded, too, complemented by a ‘compendium’ of support services. For example, we offer buy-back and refresh programmes to reduce the cost of technology. Estate Management, including end point ‘Geo Tag’ location tracking, remote firmware upgrades, remote periodic setting synchronisation, Health Status device tracking and WEEE disposal, are part of a ‘cradle to grave’ proposition.”

James adds that in a period of change, when the roles of resellers and their supply partners remain fluid and adaptable, the most nimble and forward-thinking channel partners maintain a competitive advantage by blending their own skills with third party support, as part of a seamless ‘knowledge bank’.

“Where our most successful partners are enjoying the biggest success is founded on UC deployment, with Cisco Jabber and Microsoft Skype for Business really leading the way in terms of projects,” he explains. “Resellers are embracing data roll-out and licence deployment, but it doesn’t just stop there. They are asking all the right questions about all technologies, from a patch lead that plugs into an IP device through to a USB handset or headset for soft phone functionality.

Nimans logistics
Nimans logistics

“It’s not always that easy to do because there are so many people responsible who get involved in so many different projects. There is a networking specialist, a licence expert and also a collaboration specialist, for example; a mix of different technologies, a mix of contacts and a mix of solutions. Resellers need to be grabbing as much of the available income as possible, but it’s not always as simple as it seems.”

James adds that, with its expertise and broad service and support offering, Nimans is set up to help resellers overcome obstacles and complexity.

“We are the crutch for them to lean on,” he says.” We cover all end point bases due to our expertise in-house. The people who are growing the quickest and fastest see us as a ‘destination’ for UC devices. By that I mean that as soon as someone mentions an end point or ‘voice’, they think Nimans and come to us and get us involved.

“Even though the industry continues to innovate and diversify with off-premise cloud-based platforms competing with on-premise hardware, Nimans remains the go-to service provider for thousands of resellers across the country. We have evolved so our customers can embrace different ways of running their businesses.”

James points out that the end point and the service wrap around them are crucial, and that this encompasses not just the delivery of the device but the whole journey from start to finish.

“A UC voice roll-out could take anything from six months to three years before actual implementation. We understand the intricacies and are in it for the long haul. We have the manufacturer relationships, too; our focus is across the board. We understand that a UC device isn’t a peripheral component; it’s an integral part of the overall solution. That’s our speciality.

“More and more customers understand the value of having expertise ‘on tap’ in the devices world. A big part of our service wrap is being the gel between vendor and reseller. We oil the wheels and bring both parties closer together. That could be helping with price support through to choosing the most appropriate technologies.”

In conclusion, James says: “The year ahead will be good for us and our customers. There’s so much growth potential, particularly around UC deployment. All our strategic vendors are forecasting growth, with UC at its heart. The journey has a long way to run, but the destination and the promised land are already in place.”

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