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Managers waste 50 days a year on routine tasks

Managers in UK businesses are each wasting 54 working days a year on routine tasks that could be done by robots, software bots or intelligent automation.

New research from ABBYY shows that senior decision-makers waste almost 2 hours (111 minutes) on mundane tasks, equating to 54 wasted days a year, compared to an average of 1 hour 23 minutes or 40 days per year by all UK employees.

Almost two thirds (62%) of UK employees want their business to simplify manual, paper-based and overly complex processes like banking customer onboarding, insurance claims or retail returns.

Survey respondents who have experience of working with ‘digital workers’ feel positive about the technology: 89% agree that they bring benefits and 88% find the technology easy to use. The most beneficial uses of digital workers are for sorting data & documents (39%), reminding or prompting staff to do tasks (37%) and digitising paperwork (36%).

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