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Maximise margins and improve service levels with Exclusive Networks Technical Support Services

Adding round-the-clock product support from Exclusive Networks is the quick and easy way to generate additional revenue and boost customer satisfaction

Q: What Technical Support Services are available from Exclusive Networks?

Designed to give you the ability to select the level of service you need in a multi-vendor environment, our Technical Assistance Centre works with you through any post-sales technical support queries, technical incident assistance and the replacement of defective hardware.
This gives you the power to offer your clients responsive, effective product support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

Q: Why should I be interested in using your Support Services?

  • Our engineers are available 24×7 to provide support, along with a 4-hour premium hardware service.
  • We have a team of senior engineers available for escalations and severity 1 issues.
  • Our average resolution rate for faults and requests is over 75%
  • Our engineers handle upwards of 500 support cases a month, which means they have plenty of product experience and exposure to a wide variety of issues and scenarios.
  • Based on survey feedback, our customer satisfaction score is 9.2/10 and we have a Net Promoter Score of 77.
  • All calls to our 24×7 hotline are answered by an engineer within 2 minutes.

Q:  How qualified is your technical support team?

  • We have a team of 25 support engineers, 45% of them hold the highest level vendor certifications for support.
  • New engineers obtain initial vendor certifications within 3 months of joining and go through an intensive training academy program.
  • All our support engineers benefit from regular bespoke training sessions and knowledge transfer from technical teams at our vendors.

Q:  What incidents does your Technical Support typically cover?

We can assist with any break/fix issue, which could be:

  • Existing configuration that is no longer working as expected
  • Degraded environments
  • Configuration errors, software bugs or hardware faults
  • Along with requests for documentation, release notes, vendor guides etc.

What technical support doesn’t cover are new configurations, deployments or migrations, but our professional services team can help with that.

Q: What service and hardware coverage levels are available? 

We offer 8×5 or 24×7 phone and email support via our Technical Assistance Centre. Hardware replacement is either on a Return to Base basis, where faulty equipment is returned prior to receiving a replacement, or via our advanced hardware Next Business Day or 4 Hour replacement services.

These are all available via numerous support packages that offer combinations of Phone & Email and/or hardware support. This covers UK sites and some EU countries, depending on location. There are also additional options for 4 Hour advanced hardware replacement, such as pre-loaded software and configuration services. You can find more details on our website.

Q:  How are Support Issues prioritised?    

We work to 4 levels of priority:  Critical, High, Medium and Low.

Each level determines the SLA on initial response, from within an hour for critical issues to within 2 business days for low priority issues.

Support cases are then worked according to target follow up times until resolution or workaround is in place. These follow ups range from every 4 hours for critical to once a week for low priority support cases.

Technical Escalations are managed via 3 Support Engineer levels. As part of the Vendor’s support centre requirements, support cases are assigned to a level 1 engineer and are worked and followed up based on priority. Support cases are then escalated to level 2, and if necessary the vendor level 3 team for advanced troubleshooting and bug fixes.

Q: What are the benefits for Partners of selling Exclusive Networks Technical Support?

If your own support team is under resourced or lacking expertise with a specific vendor, our high-quality technical support capabilities offer you an extension to your own services with maximum margin and minimum overheads.

We can complement your existing support with the right combination of experience, skills and product knowledge as and when you need them.  This enables you to:

Extend a greater level of service to your customers for something that costs very little to promote and can be added to any project or ongoing support service that you provide.

  1. PROVIDE ADDITIONAL REVENUEYou can generate extra revenue for yourselves simply by adding support automatically as part of any product solution.
    Because we can act as an extension of your support, this will demonstrate competence and offer ongoing support to customers. This is especially true for partners who don’t have the resource or knowledge on specific vendors.
  3. RETAIN CUSTOMERS We can help you support more customers effectively, to retain their business and keep healthy and productive relationships.

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