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Panasonic Toughbook 55: More rugged, More flexible…..

Panasonic is breaking new ground with its TOUGHBOOK 55 semi-rugged notebook

Replacing the popular TOUGHBOOK CF 54, the TOUGHBOOK 55 Windows 10 Pro computer delivers a significant increase in performance (e.g. a 32% increase in system performance); enhanced durability, with an increased IP protection rating; a doubling of the battery life to 20 hours (or 40 hours with the optional second battery); enhanced security; and many other new or improved features (see website for details).

What really sets the 55 apart are its three configuration areas that enable businesses to extend the life of their machines by upgrading, replacing or adding exchangeable components – easily done thanks to simple release mechanisms.

Introduced following feedback from B2B customers in the transportation, oil & gas, automotive, field service and Government sectors (e.g. MOD, emergency services), this capability allows organisations to adapt their devices to meet changing requirements day-to-day and throughout their lifecycle.

Should the IT department introduce new more resource-intensive software, for example, a new graphics card could be fitted; or if a new hardware security authentication process was introduced, all you would have to do is upgrade existing 55s with the required authentication device (smartcard, RFID or fingerprint reader), rather than having to replace an entire device.

Other options include a DVD or Blu-ray drive, extra storage or a second, hot-swappable battery for 40 hours of operation.

As well as future-proofing devices so that organisations can use them for as long as 4, 5 or 6 years, the ability to upgrade individual components reduces TCO and delivers a lower carbon footprint. For security-conscious businesses, removable and replaceable SSDs mean that sensitive data doesn’t need to go off-site when a computer needs to be repaired – just remove the SSD and keep it somewhere safe.

Panasonic says that the universal bay could even be used by IT partners to develop their own options and solutions.

In a separate development, Panasonic TOUGHBOOK has become the first rugged mobile computing provider to join the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider programme, enabling it to offer customers quicker and easier deployment and management using the Windows Autopilot cloud-based configuration and deployment service.

Jon Tucker, General Manager for Solutions and Engineering at Panasonic Mobile Solutions Business Division Europe, said: “This new deployment option is an immediate benefit for customers with users in disparate locations or with hundreds of devices to configure. It removes the need for IT teams to image each device and automates the deployment and management process – lowering effort and costs.”

When customers order Panasonic TOUGHBOOK notebooks or tablets with Windows 10 Pro they can choose to manage the configuration and deployment using Windows Autopilot. Panasonic pre-registers the device in the cloud and uploads configuration settings for each device. When the user receives their device and switches it on, they simply need to enter their credentials and the device will be configured automatically over the cloud.

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