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My Favourite Things

Andrew Filev, founder and CEO of Wrike, the collaborative work management platform, picks five work tools he uses every day and couldn’t do his job without

1 Tableau
The biggest challenge of being a CEO is prioritisation. There are a million projects that we could be doing, so it’s hard to tell which ones will offer the best return on the investment of our resources. Tableau helps answer this question by visualising the data around our company so that we can use it to inform our decisions and priorities. While it’s an advanced tool that’s most powerful when used by data analysts, I love that it’s accessible enough to be used by anyone and allows all teams to bring real-time analytics into their roles.

Tableau helps inform decision making
helps inform
decision making

2 My smartphone
This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s still worth a mention. As a techie, I had a smartphone long before Android and iPhone came to be, which was helpful both for personal productivity and for foreseeing where the market was going. To make up for the platitude, let me share a fun fact and a pro tip. Fun fact: we launched an Android app on the day the first ever Android phone was released, back when there weren’t as many apps out there (Wrike was number 14). We wrote it in a short two-week sprint. Pro tip: whenever I travel far afield, I prefer to download offline google maps; it helps to get around even in spotty connectivity.

3 Zoom
My company is distributed across six countries, with more to come, so to get facetime with leaders in each region, I must either spend most of my life on aeroplanes or rely on video conferencing. For years now, Zoom has been my trusted conferencing solution. I can have high quality conversations with my teams all over the world, with a cleaner carbon footprint than flying and far more legroom.

Zoom is a trusted conferencing solution
Zoom is a trusted conferencing solution

4 Audible
I miss the days of summer when I was a kid, when I had little to do but sit on the stoop and read whatever book I could lay my hands on. Today, I’m running a company and have kids of my own, so I rarely have time to just sit and read. Audible helps out with that. I listen in the car, on planes, trains and cabs. I love sci-fi, business books, some bios and selected science books. I frequently crank the speed up to 2X to get through books quicker.

5 Wrike
And, of course, Wrike. Wrike is a platform born from my own vision, so it makes sense that I use it pretty much all day for collaborating with team members and tracking the progress of our strategic initiatives. Even after working on this product for over a decade, I’ll never forget how hard it used to be to manage projects in emails and spreadsheets, compared to having everything aggregated in realtime in Wrike and being able to zoom in on projects to clearly view their status. Having our company operating on this platform has been a key driver of the highperformance culture that’s allowed us to grow into the company we are today.

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