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Narrow focus limits value of observability tools, warns Riverbed.

A new IDC Signature White Paper sponsored by Riverbed, The Shift to Unified Observability: Reasons, Requirements and Returns argues that a unified view of digital infrastructure is essential for IT teams that are short staffed and struggling to manage highly distributed digital infrastructures. In a survey of 1,400 IT workers in 10 countries, 90% of respondents said they currently use observability tools (with 54% using six or more tools for IT monitoring and measurement). However, 60% believe those tools have too narrow a focus and fail to provide a unified view across an organisation’s applications, network infrastructure, cloud, end-user services and devices. Six out of 10 respondents say the lack of unified observability restricts IT’s ability to meet business requirements and 59% believe it makes their job more difficult. Three quarters (75%) have difficulty analysing correlations and deriving actionable insights from multiple observability tools.

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