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New IoT report guides companies to digital transformation

IoT solutions provider Telenor Connexion has produced a report explaining how businesses can make the transition from a product-based to a services-based business model.

Mats Lundquist
Mats Lundquist

From product to a connected product-as-a-service answers key questions including: What are the main benefits to the company and its customers?; What are the key considerations and challenges in the process?; and What are the best practices to ensure a successful transformation?.

Telenor Connexion CEO Mats Lundquist said: “Transforming a company’s business model from a traditional product into an IoT-enabled product-as-a-service can be challenging from an organisational perspective. It requires a shift in mindset and impacts strategy, processes, people and technology. The biggest barrier to a company’s digital transformation is lack of knowledge. Our established step-by-step method will guide companies through the whole process.”

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