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New Year, New You?

January is the time of year when we are full of good intentions. Clicking into a New Year is an opportunity to try something new, to change something or to give something up!

Creating new habits and behaviours is diffcult. It takes a lot of willpower, a clear motivation, resources, planning and effort. Many people fall off the wagon after a few weeks, some after just a few days

Sitting on a Leadership course with some colleagues in December, we had a good discussion about change. The industry is changing, technology is changing, generations are changing. In fact our entire trading environment is shifting rapidly, creating a significant need for new sales techniques, business models, company structures and skills.

Yet, these changes are difficult to make. Organisations that refuse to change face decline. Those that are not changing quick enough decay. Even those that are changing are challenged by the speed of the change required.

One quote I’ve always liked comes from the excellent Jim Collins. In his book Great by Choice, he writes: ‘Go slow when you can, go fast when you must.’ It’s not about constantly running at warp speed; considered decision making is vital. Just don’t delay if you need to move quickly. This may require change(s), so get used to being comfortable with being uncomfortable!

As we face 2019 with optimism, let us all be agents of change for the future of this great industry.

See you out there.
Phil Jones MBE, Managing Director,
Brother UK

Twitter: @philjones40

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