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Nimans highlights opportunities in IP security..

Nimans is encouraging resellers to enter the IP security market and capitalise on a multi-billion-pound market that is set to double in value over the next five years.

Camilla Kirkham, Director of Sales in the distributor’s new security and AV division, said: “There are many lucrative reasons why resellers should enter the security market with Nimans: security is a natural extension of their existing IP skills and endpoint sales; it’s a growing market – both in times of recession when crime increases and in periods of economic growth; it’s a diverse and dynamic sector with many different solutions, such as health and safety, market analysis for retail, staff trends, heatmaps and preventative equipment monitoring; and there are lots of opportunities from innovation and evolution of technologies such as AV and access control, as well as traditional cameras.”

She added: “Working with big name brands, our highly experienced team is ideally placed to help resellers take advantage of the huge and lucrative opportunities available. It’s a £3bn market that is set to double in value over the next five years.

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