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Nimans highlights reseller sales opportunities

Nimans has highlighted two areas where it believes resellers should be making the most of current sales opportunities, viz. uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and indoor and outdoor mesh-based wireless connectivity.

Tom Maxwell, Head of Dealer Sales at Nimans, points out that the scale of the UPS opportunity is often underestimated by resellers.

He said: “I think some resellers are missing a trick and leaving sales opportunities on the table. They assume an end user’s IT department will be looking after UPS. But they should cover all bases, up-sell and not walk away.” Maxwell adds that with 22 models to choose from, including standalone and rack-mounted versions, there is a ‘margin-rich’ Riello UPS for numerous applications, from cash registers and small personal workstations to larger network devices and servers.

Judith Addison

Nimans Networking Solutions Business Manager Judith Addison highlights near record demand for mesh-based wireless connectivity solutions from DrayTek, including the company’s VigorAP 912C ceiling-mount wireless access point and ruggedised VigorAP 918RPD outdoor access point.

She said: “Mesh makes the deployment of wireless connectivity so much easier as you don’t necessarily need cable to all your access points. If you have a difficult building where you need to get WiFi access to a particular area, you can plug in an access point for true mesh performance rather than an extender. This makes the whole solution far more effective.”

She added: “Outdoor mesh access points add a new dimension to the installation process; as long as there is a power supply you don’t need all the associated cabling, making it ideal for remote buildings.”

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