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North-east firms offered chance to develop sustainable e-waste solutions

Businesses across the north-east are being offered the opportunity to develop sustainable solutions to the problem of e-waste.
Sunderland-based IT recycling firm Rebuyer is hosting a one-day ‘Dash’ for organisations at Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival this month.

Innovators from across the globe will be joining forces on a hybrid of face-to-face and virtual ‘sprints’, ‘hacks’ and ‘dashes’ aimed at solving real world issues and big societal problems.
In 2019 there were over 50 million tonnes of e-waste generated globally, and this is expected to exceed 74 million tonnes by 2030.

But only 17 per cent of this was recycled and in 2019 the UK was the second highest producer of e-waste per capita globally.
Rebuyer’s one-day ‘Dash’ will bring together organisations to help explore the issues in greater depths and develop a targeted solution that can be implemented by the company to help tackle the problem.

Rebuyer works with its clients to recycle redundant IT equipment.
The firm accepts a wide range of hardware, including desktops, laptops, servers, tablets and mobile phones, which it then wipes the devices to the highest government standards to ensure no data is retrievable, and fully refurbishes them for reuse – available for resale or charitable donation.

Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival is running between October 18 and 21, and organisations can register here:

Simon Howatson, chief executive of Rebuyer, said:
“Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival is a brilliant way of bringing organisations together to generate ideas and solve problems.
“One of the biggest problems facing companies right now is the issue of e-waste.
“Every year, millions of tonnes of damaged, obsolete or unwanted electronic devices are discarded as waste.
“By recycling redundant IT equipment we can tackle this environmental problem, as well as addressing digital poverty at the same time.
“We look forward to collaborating with other festival goers on this vital issue.”

More information on Rebuyer is available here:

More information on Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival is available here:

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