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Northamber enhance security division by introducing 2 factor authentication from Yubico

As the world now relies more heavily on cloud storage and technology, protecting valuable data is becoming increasingly difficult amidst the uncertainty of forthcoming GDPR regulations. While strong passwords and a bit of common sense will go a long way to keeping information protected, enabling two-factor authenticators is a hassle free step which all businesses should be investing in. After all, losing critical applications or information to a hacker is probably one of the most concerning things about running a business, especially when such breaches could cost 4% of global turnover. Why wouldn’t businesses want to invest in a further layer of security, at an affordable price?


With more than two decades of experience in distributing advanced security solutions, Northamber offers only best-of-breed products and services to our partners. Today, Northamber is complementing its product portfolio with Yubico’s YubiKey – the gold-standard for easy-to-use, multi-protocol, hardware authentication. Top tech companies, global enterprises and millions of individual users rely on the YubiKey to protect access to computers, networks, and online services, all with a simple touch.

Andrew Holder, of Northamber added: “What attracted us to Yubico was the product’s ability to combine security with simplicity. Regardless of the size of our customers’ organisation, the YubiKey offers a user friendly, highly secure, and low cost device that eliminates the preconceived difficulty associated with hardware authentication. The YubiKey integrates with hundreds of applications and open source software, offering our customers an unrivalled level of flexibility to ensure the product is the right fit for them. Yubico offers a complete authentication solution, which we couldn’t see from their competition at this price point.”

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