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NTT DATA showcases 5G open networks and real low-code apps at the Mobile World Congress

NTT DATA, the world’s sixth largest IT company, took part in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022, where the consulting firm demonstrated cutting-edge solutions as one of the largest tech presenters in the telecom sector at the event.

Real applications based on low-code technology

Mobile World Congress is one of NTT DATA’s benchmark partners in different tech initiatives to roll out low-code tools, which the company is clearly committed to as an accelerator of enterprises’ digital transformation.

Mobile World Congress was an opportunity to see real applications based on low-code principles, a technology that minimises manual coding in software development and is faster and easier than conventional methods.

At the event, NTT DATA exhibited a self-driving electric racecar, which can be guided automatically on the racetrack based on low-code technology programming.

NTT DATA is also showcased its virtual reality (VR) NAKA solution at MWC, which provides an immersive experience at commercial events, and represents an alternative to having to be physically present at an event. NAKA has already seen great success in the automotive sector, in product launches for real clients.

5G open networks

NTT DATA is one of the state-of-the-art tech partners for large telecommunications companies, due to its committed work in the area of 5G open networks, which are flexible and secure, and enable intelligent and programmable networks. In real-time, the open concept of these networks facilitates flexible working from different geographic locations, and it enables a wide range of tech solutions. These networks support a vast range of different technologies such as extended reality (XR) for comprehensive capabilities, remote hands for complex processes, and increased sensor deployment (IoT), as well as allow businesses to analyse enormous volumes of data (Big Data and AI). These new technologies also represent cost savings for companies that use these tools. Other benefits include greater energy efficiency and, therefore, more sustainable operations as well as a more productive and proactive model, always enabled by 5G technology.

At the MWC, NTT DATA presented seven solutions, which can be accessed through its virtual space for the event. These solutions are centered on two areas: 5G and operative efficiency, which round out the company’s strategic vision in the telecommunications sector as an engine for technological advancement and a driving factor of the communication industry.

Sharad Sharma, Head of Networks at NTT DATA UK, commented: “5G dominated the agenda at Mobile World Congress once again, but this year featured a renewed focus on apps. There is a clear market need to streamline the building process for custom build apps, and NTT DATA’s ability to build apps with low code technology makes it easier for industries to adopt and leverage private 5G networks to transform their operations.

“We are entering a period of transformation with 5G, and now is the time for businesses to embrace the technology, rather than waiting for the perfect app. The cutting-edge solutions we saw on display at MWC 2022 show we are at a turning point, where technological innovation and 5G can bring transformation for both businesses and wider society.”

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