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Office Fox Think Outside the Box

Businesses in Hertford and beyond are utilising Office Fox’s extraordinary knowledge and experience to save vital funds during lockdown.

The industry leading office solutions experts, based in St Andrews Street, Hertford, are using their innovative thinking and near-30 years of experience to help businesses navigate their way over some of the pandemic’s most complex hurdles.

(Pictured above David Warrington, Client Services Director)

The vast majority of businesses are seeing a significant decrease in volume on telephony contracts, mailing, photocopiers and more. As a consequence, business owners are paying for equipment which is sitting dormant, with fixed contracts in place and seemingly no way out of paying them.

Luckily, Office Fox know exactly how to bring down your needless costs for the duration of lockdown – however long it lasts.

They’re working with the top 20 lenders/ banks in the UK to provide attractive finance rates, to terminate or settle existing contracts in place of agile work agreements due to customer volume decreases and will now offer options to decrease costs, as well as make pay as you go terms available.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Office Fox is their ability to offer bespoke solutions to each individual client – they can review your contracts and see exactly what’s going to suit you.

This is an asset which extends to all of Office Fox’s services. They describe themselves as ‘vender agnostic’, meaning they aren’t tied to any one manufacturer – this gives them the ability to scan the market openly for each client without being pigeonholed and find them the solutions which fit their individual needs.

So, if you’re looking for a helping hand, whether you’re an established business looking to cut costs or a start- up searching for the equipment you need to get going, you know where to go.

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